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114th TN General Assembly

West Tennessee PBS in partnership with other public television stations across the state have collaborated to provide full access to coverage of the Tennessee General Assembly. Throughout 2024 WLJT is providing live broadcasts of the Tennessee General Assembly to viewers on West TN PBS Create Channel 11.3. The Tennessee legislature usually convenes in mid-January, running through late April or early May annually. Broadcast times will vary weekly per the House and Senate timetables. Additional footage of committee gatherings and other legislative proceedings can be found on the Tennessee General Assembly's website at

Monday February 26th

4:00 PM - House: House Floor Session (Live)

5:00 PM - Senate: Senate Floor Session (Tape Delayed)

Tuesday February 27th

8:30 AM - Senate: Senate Finance, Ways and Means Committee (Live)

10:30 AM - Senate: Senate State and Local Government Committee (Live)

12:00 PM - House: Transportation Committee (Tape Delayed)

1:00 PM - Senate: Senate Commerce and Labor Committee (Live)

3:00 PM - House:  Finance, Ways, and Means Committee (Live)

4:30 PM - House: Criminal Justice Committee (Live)

Wednesday February 28th

8:00 AM - House: Finance, Ways and Means Committee (Live)

10:30 AM - House: State Government Committee (Live)

11:30 AM - Senate: Senate Energy, Ag., and Nat. Resources Committee (Live)

1:00 PM - Senate: Senate Health and Welfare Committee (Live)

3:00 PM - Senate: Senate Education Committee (Live)

Thursday February 29th

8:30 AM - Senate: Senate Session (Live)

10:30 AM - House: House Floor Session (Tape Delayed)

12:30 PM - House: Commerce Committee (Tape Delayed)

1:30 PM - House: Education Committee (Tape Delayed)

2:30 PM - House: Insurance Committee (Tape Delayed)

3:30 PM - House: Local Government Committee (Tape Delayed)

Friday March 1st

9:00 AM - Senate: Senate Judiciary Committee (Tape Delayed)

11:00 AM - Senate: Senate Government Operations Committee (Tape Delayed)

12:00 PM - Senate: Senate Transportation and Safety Committee (Tape Delayed)

1:00 PM - House:  Civil Justice Committee (Tape Delayed)

2:00 PM - House: Education Administration(Tape Delayed)

3:00 PM - House: Health Committee (Tape Delayed)

4:00 PM - House: Ag. and Natural Resources Committee(Tape Delayed)

This project is funded under an agreement with the Tennessee General Assembly.